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Oak Framed Extensions

Welcome to oakframedextensions.com.  Extensions can come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing beats the beauty and creativity created by an oak framed extension.  Oak is a beautiful wood that creates a wonderful and timeless building.  There are a number of suppliers of oak framed buildings in the UK, and choosing a supplier that meets your needs can be challenging.  We hope that the information we provide on the website can assist you in that choice.

Oak framed extension costs

Costs of oak framed extensions can vary considerably and by and large are dependent on the size of the project.  However, it is possible to give a rough guide to prices.  After all you probably have seen those glossy advertisements for oak framed kitchen extensions in the back of the magazines that accompany the Sunday newspapers and wondered how much these extensions actually cost.

Types of projects

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, though typically the most popular are oak framed house extensions though in recent years there has been a considerable increase in demand for 2 storey oak framed extensions.  What is clear is that with rising house prices in the UK, the demand for extensions continues to grow, and whilst oak extensions lie at the premium end of the market in terms of cost and investment, they unquestionably result in building that create character and more importantly value in your property.

Across this site you will find a wealth of information about oak framed extension projects, including projects specifically designed for orangeries, garden rooms, garages, offices, home extensions and garden stores.  We hope you find the site useful, and if you have any questions or would simply like to get in touch with us, please do so by sending us a message via our contact page.