Oak Framed Garages

A timber framed garage with a weathervane
A weathervane adds a vintage feel to any timber framed garage

If you are looking to build your own garage, it is definitely worth considering using an oak frame construction for the building.

You can have your very own design for this outbuilding, with one bay right up to four or more bays. You can have garage doors inserted into the building, or opt for a more traditional open-bay building.

Of course, these garages don’t just need to be for housing cars, you can use them for storing garden equipment, or even an outdoor workshop. Many people also opt to put in a mezzanine floor within the structure, even with a dormer window, which really mazimises space and potential. Additionally, you can include things like log stores, or brick walls into the structures design. And because almost every garage is a bespoke design, you really can have it designed just how you want.

Not only is an oak framed garage an environmentally friendly option, but you will find that it really does enhance any site: whether it is erected next to a medieval building or next to a more contemporary sort of construction – you will find that it will beautify and give character to any garden.