Garden Stores

Oak Framed Garden Stores

What makes more sense in the garden than an oak framed garden store?  Really, there’s nothing more beautiful or apt in a garden than a structure made of the very stuff that is surrounding it!  Timber buildings situated in a garden are not only an environmentally friendly choice for your garden equipment and supplies, but they also bring a certain calmness and harmony to your garden.

Oak framed garden store
A practical and aesthetically pleasing place to store all your garden equipment

And you’ll be pleased to know that they aren’t as exclusive as you might have imagined.  No matter what you want to store in there, one can be built for you to your exact specifications.

If you are feeling though, that you can’t decide between an oak framed garden store and a garage, why not combine the two things together and have a very special outbuilding designed to fit your exact needs.

You can of course choose your exact sizing for your store, and choose the material that the roof if made from.