Oak Framed Offices

Many people in today’s busy world, have the wonderful opportunity to either work for themselves, or work from home.  Of course, the problem that this can give rise to, is: SPACE.

Many people may have the flexibility within their contracts to be able to work from home, which of course reduces their travel costs to zero!  However, the prohibiting factor is that dreaded scarcity of space.

However, if you have the space in your garden, why not invest in an oak framed office, built to your specification, in your very own garden.

Rather than renting offices somewhere, and wasting all that money on rent, if you build your own office you will be investing that money right back into your own property, and you’ll then see the returns on this investment when you then come to sell your property.

It makes perfect sense.  The massive rents on commercial leases these days, not to mention the rates that you’d have to pay on a commercial lease, are just too prohibitive.  But building a purpose-built oak framed office on your own property will pay dividends in the future.

As with all oak framed buildings garages or extensions , your specialist provider will sit down with you to design the perfect fit.  You can specify the size, the amount of glass, the insulation provisions, the power points – basically the whole enchilada!

And when you look at the cost of your commute or office space rental over even just a couple of years, you could find that you have made your investment back already!

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you get just what you need out of your oak framed office.

oak framed office
A short walk to work through the garden!