Orangeries first came to prominence way back in the 17th century and had a great impact on large important houses of Europe through to the 19th century.  As their name suggests, they were built for growing fruit trees, like the United Kingdom.  Fruit trees like orange trees and lemon trees were grown in these large, originally timber framed buildings, adorned with great panes of glass, which allowed the light and warmth to penetrate the building, whilst protecting the delicate plants from the cold.  Many orangeries even had their own stove housed within them in order to ensure that they didn’t get too cold for the exotic plants housed within.

Oranges for your oak framed orangery
Oranges and … timber frames?!


A modern day orangery can add the same classical elegance to your home.  You can opt for domed glass ceilings, vaulted ceilings, solid walls and bi-fold doors… really, the options are endless.  So if you are looking to add something really rather spectacular to your home, have a look at what we have on offer.


A timber framed orangery will really add so much value and character to your property.  You can bring the garden into your home and bring so much light into your life in one fail swoop.  Of course, there is the option to add plant life to your orangery, if you want to make the room true to its original theme, but this doesn’t need to be done with soil and ground level planting.  You can have potted plants instead, or even add a special area to the room, where there is a raised bedding, if you want to be ultra-avant-garde!

Remember, when you are building your timber framed orangery, you are in the driving seat.  Why not sit down with a pen and paper and have a go at putting some ideas together as to what you might want in your orangery.  By doing this, you may in fact discover that it is more of a garden room you are looking for, of even a more simple oak framed extension – or if you like, we can just throw about ideas together and make a combination room, which brings in aspects of all the different extensions together in a completely new, bespoke way.